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43rd EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Dates: 13 – 16 September
Venue: Ravenna

Who should attend

Eubs 2017 is dedicated to doctors, experts and enthusiasts of underwater and hyperbaric medicine. It’s a unique occasion to improve and update your knowledge with the latest studies and researches carried on this field at the whole European level.



The Scientific Programme will see the participation of experts from all over Europe that will present the results of their studies. There will be a session for the presentation of the abstracts chosen and evaluated by the scientific committee.


EUBS 2017 will be hosted in Ravennaa beautiful town in the North of Italy, famous all over the world for its mosaics, its monuments and its centennial culture. The Social Programme, created for all those attending the event, will provide a great opportunity to visit and discover the town.

Life in Ravenna is rich of manifestations and cultural events along all the year: concerts, exhibitions and festivals are among the many appointments occurring in town that attract visitors from all over the world.


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